"Sometimes when I look into the face of my son who has Down Syndrome, it's like gazing into the face of God." - Norm Kulp 1978

              "Hey look! My son can pull spaghetti out of his nostril!"  - Dan Kulp 2011

Dan Kulp is a Comedian, Actor, Author, and Pastor. Three of his four children are adopted and have special needs (Down syndrome and Autism, Alfi’s syndrome, spina bifida). He also has four siblings with Down syndrome (three were adopted).

*After the birth of his brother in 1971, Dan’s parents adopted three more children with Down syndrome becoming a family with nine kids! This gave him a unique perspective on the value of life. PBS and Newsweek Magazine did a feature on them which aired internationally, and The National Enquirer did a two-page spread about the Kulps! Now, Dan and his wife have carried on the legacy.

*You will laugh as Dan describes his parenting foibles. You will be moved to tears as he tells how his wife’s experiences with the infamous “dying rooms” led to adoption. You will be inspired by their son Simon, who was abandoned in the woods on the day he was born and became whom the Kulps have been told is the first with Down syndrome adopted out of China to the U.S.

*Dan has twice appeared on Good Morning America and is author of Confounding the Wise: A Celebration of Life, Love, Laughter, Adoption and the Joy of Children with Special Needs. He shares his humor at banquets, conferences, churches, camps, colleges, special needs organizations, schools and comedy clubs all around the U.S.