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I have appeared in many students films, short stories and a few independent features. Some highlights include:

Second Story Man - I play a small role as a landlord in this psyhcological thriller. This full lengthed feature was shot in Rochester, NY and is available on Netflix, Direct TV and Amazon. Rated R

Used by Neal Dhand - In this powerful drama, I played the driver in a hit and run accident. Guilt ridden Steve attempts to sell his vehicle to a suspicious car dealer who is able to draw out the reason for Steve's painful burden.

Catch Santa - I enjoyed shooting this comedy in which I play a thief dressed as Santa who targets homes of deaf people on Christmas Eve because he and his partner cannot be heard. However, at one particular stop, the robber is confronted by a little boy who really believes him to be Santa - and changes his heart.

Shiftwork - Another comedy - I play a hostage negotiator sent into a high school to deal with three bungling janitors who inadvertantly lead people to believe they are terrorists.

Final Curtain 10 - One of the worst films I have ever seen and I am in it! I should have known when I showed up to shoot this horror film and the director was using the same home video camera that I have! truly awful.


Most people have experienced me as the lead singer for The Dig Project. We have had the privilege of performing all over the United States. We are still together but have slowed down a lot as far as touring goes.

The Dig Project - Live at the Atlanta Fest

Or check out some videos from our On Stage appearance - a show that was aired on every PBS station in NY State!

Home by The Dig Project

Thief by The Dig Project

Dirty by The Dig Project

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