The Buzz...

From The Pregnancy Centers of Central Virginia:

Fundraising increased 50% over previous year!

"Working with Dan was a joy! His performance was outstanding and we gladly recommend him to others. Our donors thoroughly enjoyed his masterful storytelling ability."- Michele McCormack, Associate Development Director

From Pathways Pregnancy Care Center in Littleton, NH:

Fundraising increased almost 50% over previous year!

"Dan Kulp was a wonderful speaker who truly spoke to the hearts of the people. I would certainly refer him to other directors."- Lesley Wotton, Executive Director

From the Indiana Right to Life:

"His unique combination of feel-good comedy and heartfelt stories will open up the hearts of any audience. We recieved great feedback from our guests and were impressed with Dan's desire to tailor his message for our event. We look forward to bringing dan back to Indiana soon." - Mike Fichter, President and CEO of Indiana Right to Life

From the Buddy Cruise:

"Dan Kulp was invited to speak onboard the 2010 Buddy Cruise. This is a conference for families touched by Down syndrome, held onboard a cruise ship. Dan is a passionate presenter who with his quick wit and humor he immediately connected with his audience. He was an inspiration to all our attendees and well received at the Down syndrome center of the Bahamas where he spoke as well. We were very impressed by his thought provoking story and with the passion in which he presented it. Dan also stepped into the role of story teller at an event we held for all children onboard. His ability to answer the children’s questions about Down syndrome and really capture and hold the attention of all 40something children in attendance was remarkable! This years Buddy Cruise was the best to date and we would like to thank Dan for playing a huge part in our success. We had extremely positive responses from our guests and look forward to having Dan join us again." - Pamela & Jorge Arnoldson, Richard Hayden - Directors BCI

From the Special Olympics New York:

“Coaches and families from the Central Region of Special Olympics New York had the privilege of listening to Dan Kulp speak at a recent coaches conference. Dan’s quick wit and humor immediately captured the attention of the audience. He shared some hilarious stories of his childhood, growing up in a house with four brothers and sisters who have Down syndrome, and also shared some heart wrenching stories that made you think about some of the unfortunate truths in this world. Dan’s mix of humor and fact had everyone bursting out in laughter one minute and fighting back the tears the next. His remarkable story of his son and the trials and tribulations they went through to adopt both their children was inspiring to say the least. Dan is a passionate and captivating presenter. It was truly a privilege to hear him speak and I look forward to inviting Dan back in the near future.” - Sean Coakley-
Central Region Director of Program

From the Youth Pastor of Bethel Church:

“We laughed at some of the stories, and cried at others. The teens in our group were really moved. This is a must have for your group!” - Josh Edwards - Emmaus, PA.

From Comedian Dave Hopping:

“He is very likable and quickly connects with audiences. His stories provide just the right mix of humor and truth that not only makes the audience laugh, but think.” - Dave Hopping of Musical Comedians Dave and Brian