Dan Kulp plays Santa in the Christmas Parody of the song Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus for comedians Dave and Brian:

Check him out as the Butler in this Dave and Brian video:

And a dry bartender in yet another Dave and Brian vid:

Making fun of the IRS:

Making fun of American Airlines:

Calls Out a UFC Fighter:

Stand Up

Batman and Rubber Sharks:

Emceeing at the Funnybone for the Dave Coulier Show:

What he learned in China:

On Adopting their Third Child:

Fellow Buddy Cruise Speaker Troy McClain
(contestant on the 1st Season of the Apprentice)

On Board with Chris Burke (of Life Goes On fame)

 Photo by Amber James - taken at a Church in Penfield, NY.


Performing on Nassau Island for the local Down Syndrome Association (dan is now officially an International Speaker!)

Taking time to read for the little ones
(sposnored by Woodbine Publishing)


The Best Worst Brother
( a children's book about Down syndrome)

Partying on board the 2010 Royal Caribbean Buddy Cruise

Above photos taken by Denise M. Godfrey